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Special Constructions


Expansion joints used in FCCU service (fluid catalytic cracking units) are one of the most critical and complex types of expansion joints. The bellows element, of relatively fine wall thickness, must be accurately protected so as to face the erosive effect of the catalyst and corrosive fluid circulating in this kind of applications. These expansion joints are exposed to high temperatures (up to 760ºC) and high pressures, giving way to large movements that the expansion joints must absorb nearly to the limit of their operation capacity. Models manufactured and used in these applications can be tied universal, hinged, gimbal or pressure balanced and the bellows membrane can be single ply, multi-ply, with or without reinforcement.

Usually manufactured in Inconel 625 LCF, these compensators can be isolated with ceramic fibre or refractory material, meshed metallic fabric or be coated with an isolating layer in the external surface of the convolutions.

Lens expansion joints

High convolution.
Circunferential welding at the root and crest.
Sizes from DN-50 up to DN-7000.
Various wall thicknesses.
Material:Austenitic stainless steel (AISI-304, 309, 310, 316, 321, etc), carbon steel. Other materials upon request.

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