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Dismantling joints

CODINOR manufactures telescopic dismantling joints of different types, bellows and tube joints. Telescopic dismantling joints are designed to temporarily replace valves or other elements flanged in the tubing, due to maintenance or repair, thus enabling fluid transport continuity. They facilitate valve assembly and future dismantling. They also absorb the axial and angular movements of tubing where they are fitted. These fittings are for applications in drinking water supply networks and for irrigation, air-conditioning, firefighting networks, purification, run-off water, pumping stations, etc.

Additionally, the following features must be highlighted among the qualities of these dismantling joints:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Qualified labor is not required for installation.
  • Reduced assembly space.
  • They are recoverable.
  • They allow axial, lateral and angular movements.
  • Greater reliability and safety, given that it is a totally air/water-tight accessory and does not have any kind of sealing element.

* Extensive information about Codinor’s range of products is available in the downloads section.

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