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DITEC rubber expansion joints

DITEC RUBBER EXPANSION JOINTS, universal ingenuity in measurement and flexibility:

Ditec rubber expansion joints are the most versatile in terms of resistance to temperature, pressure and tools, the construction of their materials and the type of movement absorption. They require a great deal of knowledge, universal as well as specialist, and are the best solution available in terms of quality and flexibility.

Rubber expansion compensators compensate for axial, lateral and angular deformations caused by the thermal lengthwise modification of the tubing. They avoid the transmission of mechanical vibrations from machines, appliances or pumps connected to the tubing. They balance the tensions or inaccuracies of the assembly and today they successfully resist—based on usage requirements—even up to 40 bar of pressure.

Codinor’s production makes individual parts and series with diameters of up to 5 meters, individually designed and calculated according to precision appliance directives. Depending on the absorption of the deformation and the assembly position between the fixed bearings and the slipping of the tubing, Codinor suppliers rubber expansion joints with and without axial bracing adapted with total precision.

To see the product in further detail, the document can be downloaded here:

Ditec compensator summary table

* Extensive information about Codinor’s range of products is available in the downloads section.

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