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Other products – Boiler-making

Codinor’s workshop is equipped with the latest technology in machinery, fittings, welding and boiler-making equipment in general. It is vitally important that the welding of a bellows is as resistant as the material that surrounds it. It must be understood that under normal operating conditions a bellows system is not a static element, it flexes and curves. It is therefore the most vulnerable part and that which runs the highest risk of operational failures due to metal fatigue and the resistance of the materials. The company’s welding works are carried out following procedures and using qualified welders according to different codes.

It is often possible to recover expansion compensators by replacing the bellows and utilizing the other accessories that accompany it (flanges, sleeves, etc.), thus enabling considerable cost savings.

At all times, in compliance with the strict quality controls imposed by the customer and by the quality Management system implemented at Codinor, the process is subject to various tests and trials which include visual inspections and dimensional controls, examining penetrating liquids and hydraulic tests verified by means of external inspections. The pertinent materials have certificates, which enable traceability of the products and the process at all times.

Codinor systematically undertakes works of similar characteristics for companies belonging to diverse industrial sectors such as energy generation plants, processing plants, purification plants, food-processing, etc.

* Extensive information about Codinor’s range of products is available in the downloads section.

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