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¿What is the difference between a bellows and an expansion joint?

¿What Is The Difference Between A Bellows And An Expansion Joint?

In this area, terminology can be confusing, often with no universally accepted meaning. We tend to use the following definitions, but the terms “bellows” and “expansion joint” are often considered interchangeable:

Expansion joint: an expansion joint is a complete unit consisting of metal bellows or rubber bellows and its end fittings. Also, it can optionally be fitted with liners, outer covers and external fittings. Other terms used are compensator, expansion joint, flexible connector, etc…

Rubber bellows: flexible element of a rubber expansion joint.

Metal bellows: The flexible element inside a metal expansion joint.

Sleeve: The sleeve goes inside the expansion joint under the metal bellows or rubber bellows to prevent the fluid flowing inside from impinging directly on the bellows. This reduces fluid disturbances, noise, turbulence, etc…

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